Sern Manelmore

Lord Governor of Ragan's Gate


Sern Manelmore is the Lord Governor of [[Ragans Gate|Ragan’s Gate]]. He governs at the pleasure of the ruling council of nations, which he seems to take as a mark of great esteem. He has the build of a fighter, just starting to soften with middle age. His stylish red hair is just starting to gray at his temples. In social situations he leans heavily on his title, putting out an air of authority, issuing orders and doing his utmost to project an appearance of calm and control.

Sern Manelmore tasked the party with going to check on the town of Meadowbrook to the West, after the party dispatched a mob of zombies, some of whom were former members of the community. He has promised some form of reward (yet unspecified) for the party’s investigations.

Sern Manelmore

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