Karl Manelmore

The intolerant, loutish nephew of the Lord Governor of Ragan's Gate


Though he dresses in rich attire, there is something base about Karl Manelmore. He has a sloping brow, which furrows when something displeases him, which is most of the time. He is large and broad from a life of eating well and disdaining mental activities in favor of physical. He frequently uses his bulk to intimidate. He has sandy brown hair which he keeps immaculately oiled. He keeps a close cropped goatee that gives him a somewhat devilish look when he grins or sneers. He favors the black and silver of his home province in Caldor rather than the purple and gold of the Lord Governor.

His looks were never his strong suit, but they seem to have taken a turn for the worse, as his nose was badly broken in his fight with Gareth, Avelyn and Scatha in the Wayward Apprentice.


From his rhetoric at the Wayward Apprentice, it seems as though Karl has an issue with non-human races. He seems to ride on the coattails of his uncle’s authority and draws his courage from the thugs he takes with him as an entourage.

Karl Manelmore

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