Shadows of Erasc

The Village Destroyed

As the dead attack, a new hero lends his strength

Arriving at the edges of Meadowbrook and looking down upon an empty town, the heroes decide to leave their mounts of somewhat questionable quality and proceed stealthily to the temple on foot. They do not get very far before they encounter a halfling – and the pack of undead hounds pursuing him! Their blades, spells and especially the purifying light of Melora ensured that no others would be so pursued. The halfling quickly introduced himself, several times with several different names, to the others. He had proven quick with a blade, and frankly he seemed a bit confused, so the group decided to bring him along as they searched for both his good and theirs.

As they reached their goal, the temple of Lemaat, they were greeted by evidence of terrible rituals and brutality outside. They found stones, covered in the gore of an unknown number of sacrifices. As they moved inside to see if any had survived the slaughter, they found themselves in a charnel house filled with bodies and the stench of death. The heroes quickly learned that this ruse was meant to hide the true threat in the temple, as some of the bodies stood up in a mockery of life to confront the investigators from Ragan’s Gate. Skeletons and zombie rose to attack as one particularly disgusting zombie began hurling rotting chunks of itself. After a pitched battle, the heroes found themselves victorious. They also found the body of the priest they had been asked to find, slain by whatever wicked hand was at work in this place.



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