Shadows of Erasc

The Caravan Raiders

The heroes suffer a luck deficit

Heading back to Ragan’s Gate to tell Lord Manelmore of the evil that befell Meadowbrook, the heroes encountered a caravan of the Tiefling Merchant House Bael’Marric. The caravan had been attacked by a small group of Orcs who had slain several of the pack animals, stopping the caravan. Imagining the Orcs to be planning another attack and unable to both mount a defense and get the caravan moving, the Tieflings ask the heroes to destroy the raiders in exchange for the thanks of the most powerful merchant house in the area.

The heroes track the Orcs up to the lair in an old mountain cave, using their knowledge of Orcs’ living habits and knowledge of the history of the area to determine the most likely location. Though there were several misadventures with trees along the way, the characters manage to arrive stealthily, not warning the Orcs of their approach. The quickly hatched a well-thought plan using the skills of the Scatha’s Art to distract one of the sentries then quickly dropping him. The remaining Orcs responded quickly, taking the fight to the party without pause. Though they fought valiantly, Aderam’s dice favored the Orcs that day and the halfling was gravely injured by an Orcish axe. Running to help his companion, Avelyn was struck down by another of the vicious brutes. Knowing the situation to be rapidly disintegrating, Gareth managed to intimidate the leader, a vicious one-eyed Orc to back down in exchange for the fine set of armor that he had found in the damned chamber beneath the temple of Lemaat in Meadowbrook. While they tended to their wounded, the party heard a might roar within the cave and felt a blast of cold air. Scatha quickly deduced that a white dragon was the leader for whom the one-eyed Orc had demanded Gareth’s armor.

The party fled back towards the caravan and Scatha’s suspicions were proved correct as the beast flew above them. Luckily, they managed to avoid the creature’s notice and made it back to the caravan to warn of the danger. Cervak, the caravan master agreed to watch over them while they rested so that they might together fight the wyrm.



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