Shadows of Erasc

The Adventure Begins

A tavern brawl leads to much more

Gareth MacManus warrior of the Wallguard, Avelyn Cleric of Melora and Scatha the Aspiring Mage were sharing the welcoming atmosphere of the Wayward Apprentice in Ragan’s Gate (at least the first two were) when their peaceful evening was interrupted by some rather intolerant young noblemen seeking a brawl. The noblemen got more when they bargained for when the three drew arms. Aldous Manelmore will certainly think twice before he tries to use his uncle’s title to bully those of other races again!

The fight was hardly over, however, as the group found themselves and the citizens of the town being attacked by angry undead in the town square just outside. These enemies too fell before their onslaught, earning the recognition of the Lord Regent Sern Manelmore himself. After being escorted to the Regent’s Manse by Gareth’s friend and sometime commander Sergeant Farstrider, they were told that some of the undead attacking the town square had been positively identified as members of a small farming village to the West, known as Meadowbrook. The party was asked by the Lord Regent to go investigate and see what transpired there to cause such evil.

After agreeing to check in on a priest of Lemaat known to Farstrider and browbeating a poor merchant into lending them horses, the trio set off. On the way there, they were waylaid by a group of bandits, to the bandits’ detriment. After the battle, they noted that all the bandits wore a peculiar pendant picturing a broken skull upon it which none could recognize. There, they stopped, gathering their strength for the evil that lurked ahead.



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