Shadows of Erasc

How Deep the Corruption Runs

The heroes descend into the darkness below the temple

The heroes continued to search through the temple and found a hole beaten through the floor in the rearmost chamber, exposing a hidden chamber below the temple. Determined to discover the truth of what had occurred, they descended into the area below. It turned out that someone had apparently tried to protect something here, trapping the corridor with deadly pressure plates which sent spears up to skewer the unwary. As though this were not enough to contend with, the group found that a small community of Kobolds had been attracted to the trapped subterranean chamber, as is their tendency. Eventually, they forced the cowardly creatures to surrender and were told that the creatures had only recently moved in after the “big ones” had vacated the area. They also said that they had not ventured past the large double doors at the end of the hall since the first group to enter had not returned and from the sounds of things had died horribly.

Letting one of the cowardly creatures lead the way, the group found an empty room, inhabited only by a body missing its innards looking to have died in terrible pain. The situation proved to be other than they thought as the leading Kobold was grabbed by something from the darkness and the dead body stood up to attack. Not content with the Kobold, the creature from the shadows showed itself to be the innards of the unfortunate victim who quickly moved to attack the halfling. Meanwhile, Gareth fought valiantly against the grasping viscera of the organ beast and Scatha and Avelyn provided ranged support. It seemed as though victory would be quick and simple as they put down the unfortunate soldier, but it quickly rose to its feet and continued its attack. Though badly hurt, the heroes found themselves victorious.

After catching their breath and making absolutely sure that the zombie would not be rising again, they examined the room and found it positively bristling with magic and the power of the Gods. A closer examination of the altar revealed two small indentations now empty, which seemed to reinvigorate the creatures they had fought. They found a ominous message written in the blood of the unfortunate they had put to rest reading simply, “He is Coming”. The nature of the scene did not, however, stop the halfling from gathering up many of the riches adorning the room.



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